Yogsutra Group



We are providing National Institute of Security Market (NISM) training according National Stock Exchange (NSE) module.

It will help the candidates to get Clerkship job in Private Sector Banks under West Bengal. But we are not providing any guaranty for getting job.

Our Specialty

We are refunding the total training charges after completing the training except 1000/- of tuition fee. Candidates will get job or not, it does not matter. They will definitely get back their training amount with WRITTEN GUARANTY.

**All students who will be selected for this session only, will get 100% training amount back.

Entrance Exam is going on for the post of Clerkship in Direct Payroll of Private Banks under Indian Clerkship Exam Authority(ICEA).
Written Exam-40
Oral Exam-10
Pass Marks- 24
Pass Marks-06

Special Criteria:
Duty Hours- 10 am to 6 pm+ Saturday-Sunday Off
Sallary-12500 to 16900+ ESI,Bonus+Other Facilities
Posting- Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly.
Minimum 12th passed candidates under 45 age, are requested to
apply now.

Yogsutra Teacher Solution

Written and Oral exam is going on for the post of Assistant Teacher.
Examination will be held under All India Teacher Counciling Oraganisation(AITCO).
Post Vacant-117

We are working with:
Delhi Public School(DPS), St Xaviours Institution, Calcutta Public School, Blooming Birds School, Patha Bhavan, Mother mission School etc.

Home Based Information Officer

We have earned the Award of Achievement in the year of 2017 for the unique features of easiest earning process.


We are all over India basis ad collection house, working with our special project of আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা (ABP).

Our Specialty

We are taking near about 50% of normal advertisement charges with our special "Help desk" scheme. This scheme are created for the regular advertisers' benefit. Because, sometimes it is seen that due to huge ad charges, many of advertisers can not be able to give ad to their preferable newspapers. This project is successful to get fame for it's friendly & attractive quality.

Contact us now to get your charming turn.
** T & C apply.


We are a leading competitive Examination training Institute at Kolkata.
Our specially trained and experienced Faculties are taking care of the dream of the students to be the Govt. Employee through the scientific ways.

Our Specialty

Govt. job is not guaranteed but our course fees are 100% refundable, it will have a Written Guaranty.

** T & C apply.


It is a brand new concept, specially for babies under 1.5 to 4 years.

Generally, it is seen sometimes that babies are very naughty and they are not agree to listen their parents or other seniors. But, don't think that it is like a casual matters. Because, doctors says that the 1st 3000 days of human life is very essential. It will be the ultimate refection of their future life. So, we should have to take care of them through the scientific & psychological procedure.

Extracare is a special MOTHER CARE system out side of home and school.

Our Specialty

1) We are also providing the preparation for the interview of higher school admission.
2) We are bringing up the babies by baby psychological tools by which they can get a refreshing atmosphere.
3) We have the CAB facility.
4) Every days baby entertainment procedure will make babies charming.
5) psychological training for parents.

So, good time for parents !!!